A Day At Abbington



Accommodations and Amenities

Transportation for Professional Appointments and Social Activities
Spacious Private and Semi-Private Rooms
Housekeeping and Laundry Services
Lab or Diagnostic Imaging Services
In House Wi-Fi and Cable Services
Religious and Cultural Services
Housekeeping Services
On-Site Assessments 
Laundry Services






We believe that meal time should be a communal experience by allowing your loved one to make new friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Particular dietary needs will be assessed by our registered dietician. Residents will be offered a selection of nutritious, fresh, satisfying meals throughout the day. Our modern kitchen with our accomplished foodservice staff are there to provide and cater to their daily needs.


Activities and Social Services

A pleasant, cheerful atmosphere is found throughout our facility. Residents can meet neighbors and make new friends in the activity room, weekly movies, birthday parties, bingo, table games, and ice cream social. Our responsible and caring staff together with the residents, look forward to our scheduled outings and shopping experiences.

Our goal is to help develop the tools and skills needed to successfully function and overcome challenges.

We do this by facilitating social skills groups, personal and group therapy, and taking care of the overall well-being of our residents.