Abbington Rehab encourages all of its residents to share in a full range of social activities and programs. Our goal is to create a balanced atmosphere of independence and privacy within a "community" setting. We know that nothing can take the place of the resident's family. Thus, our goal is to make each resident feel like a special member within the Abbington community.

Visits from family members are encouraged and always welcome. We offer a full and diverse range of activities that family members are welcome to join. Each month a daily calendar of activities is scheduled. We try to tailor our programs to your loved one's favorites activity and are always open to new suggestions.

Social Life
Residents can meet neighbors and make new friends in the lounge, at weekly movies, birthday parties, bingo, table games and ice cream socials. For a change of scenery, our staff accompanies residents on shopping and dining outings.

Your loved one can develop one or more favorite interests by joining fellow residents at: Cooking Classes, Book Club, Hospitality Group, Card Club, Men's Club, or Arts & Crafts.

Religious Services
We are considerate and respectful of our residents' different religious faiths. You will find that Abbington accommodates all religious needs and beliefs. We offer regular services, Bible study classes and Rosary discussions.